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ViPR SRM 4.x How To Series: How to Install the Windows EMC Host Interface Agent and Perform a Host Discovery

Please refer to KB 514682 for full process to go along with this video.   

Below are the major steps to 1) Install the Windows EMC Host Interface agent, 2) Discover the host within the SRM UI and 3) How to test a host discovery

How to install the EMC Host Agent on a Windows Host:


1.Log into the target Windows host with administrator rights

2.Place the appropriate EMC Host Interface executable (extract from zip if required) on the target Windows host within a temporary directory

3.Navigate to the temporary directory, double click the executable, The EMC Host Interface setup wizard appears, Click Next

4.Accept the license agreement, Click Next

5.Specify the installation directory. For upgrades, you must use the original installation directory where the previous version was placed, Click Next

6.Click Install

7.After the installation is complete, click Finish

8.Click Close

Verify that the service EMC Host Interface is Started and two EMC Host Interface processes (EMCHost.exe) have been created and are running.


How to Discover the EHI Host within the ViPR SRM User Interface:


1.Log into the SRM User Interface with Administrator rights

2.Click the Gear in the upper right corner

3.From the pull down menu select Centralized Management

4.From the Tree Panel on the left – click on Discovery Center

5.Within the Discovery Center window click Inventory Management

6.From the list under the ‘Type’ column select ‘Host Agent(EHI)’

7.On the ‘Collected Host Agent(EHI) tab - Click the Add button – lower right corner

8.Within the Add new Host Agent(EHI) window enter the following:

1.Host running EMC Host Interface Provider (IP or hostname)

2.Username – the default is    admin

3.Password – the default is     #1Password

4.Fill in the rest as required by your environment

5.Click Validate and ADD

How to Test the Initial Host Discovery:


1.Within the Host Agent(EHI) – Collected host Agent(EHI) tab – click on the host you wish to run a test on
2.Within the Add new Host Agent(EHI) window click the ‘Test’ button in the lower right corner
3.In the Test Results popup window click on the ‘Click to show/hide full results’  to display the entire test results.
4.You can then see if the initial discovery and connection are completing as expected
5.If the information is to be presented to a support engineer or added to a Service Request – copy the ENTIRE contents of the results and provide as required.