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Wipe data from CX500

Gene O'Brien
We are in the process of decommissioning our CX500 and the question came up about wiping the data from the disks. Our Sales guy at EMC says that this is not commonly done on Clariions, only Sym's and DMX which I find hard to believe.

We have already disconnected the CX500 from the SAN and would like to find an effective way to wipe our data from the disks without destroying the disks. We don't need a certificate or anything, just as long as we know it was done. Does anyone have an effective way of wiping data from a CX500 using the CLI?
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    i would destroy all luns, raid groups ..and physically move drives around different DAE :)
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    Allen Ward
    If you don't need a cert I would just hook it up to a single host and carve everything on the array into a bunch (highly technical term there eh?) of RAID groups and LUNs to assign the host. Then I would run a utility on the host to wipe the attached drives.

    We have had EMC do the work though and got the cert for it. I really don't understand why they don't want your money though. It doesn't sound like them at all :-)
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    Search on "EMC Certified Data Erasure" from Powerlink. From the FAQ:

    Question: What is EMC Certified Data Erasure?

    Answer: EMC Certified Data Erasure is for the secure removal of data from Symmetrix, CLARiiON, and EMC Centera storage systems with an audit and certification provided by EMC. Individual ATA, SATA, and Fibre Channel disks can be erased for Symmetrix and CLARiiON storage systems. Lastly, EMC can erase competitive arrays as well.

    These services deploy a process that utilizes specialized tools, proprietary software, and proven methodology to overwrite proprietary and sensitive data on Symmetrix, CLARiiON, and EMC Centera storage systems. Customers select the level of data erasure overwrite that meets their requirements for compliance with corporate governance, industry/Federal specifications, and internal audits. This service is delivered onsite during normal business hours by EMC Customer Service.
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    In addition after unbinding all LUNs and destroying all RAID groups you could use Navisphere CLI to zero out each of these unbound disks... Please see EMC knowledgebase article emc130392 for further details.
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    I should keep this one in mind....
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    Gene O'Brien
    Thank you for the zerodisk in navicli suggestion. It took a little digging but I found the command. Once I am done with that, I will mix the disks up and reboot the box..
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    Could you give us the command syntax here with perhaps an example ?
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    Hi Brian


    COuld you please provide the syntax of the  NAVICLI command to zero out all the disks on CX500 array