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Forgot login to my Clariion AX4

I have a AX-4 I have forgotten the log in and password I set the system up with. Is there a way to retrieve? Or, Is there a way to restore the factory defaults?. Im new to EMC, what is the best way to do so?
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    are you using Navisphere Express or regular Navisphere ?
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    CLARiiON AX4-5 Differences Guide" and pages 67-70 explain how to reset the admin's password using the "reset security" button located on the bottom right-hand corner on the rear of the DPE. Once this button is pressed, anyone can login to Navisphere Express for 15 minutes without having to enter a userid or password. A dialogue box automatically appears prompting you to create new user credentials.
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    Express I believe.
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    I will try this.
    One caveat I failed to mention is that I tried powering down the system, taking out all of the drives, then turing the power back on. Now I lost the IP settings. Now when I try to scan for the system, it times out. I then put the drives back in, but no luck
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    i would call support to help you with this.
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    how do we check the navisphere is express or regular?
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    just from the login page ?
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    I have a AX-4.

    I have forgotten the login and password too.

    My Navisphere is regular.

    When I press the security button, the amber SP fault light not turns on but once briefly flashes on and then off.

    And again I have to enter your login and password.

    What am I doing wrong?

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    How do I recover a lost password?

    In Navisphere Express, you cannot retrieve or reset a lost password.   You must clear security settings and create   a new username and password

    How do I create a username and password?

    To create a new username and password, complete the following steps:

    1. On an SP, press the white security button to the far right of the   power button to put the SP in a special   reset state (Figure 1).

      The amber SP fault light turns on.

      The special reset state gives you 15 minutes to reset the storage   system’s security settings. This 15-minute window stays active until one   of the following occurs:

      • You log in to the storage system with a valid   username and password.

      • You create a new user account.

      • You modify an existing user account.

      • The 15 minutes is up.

      Figure 1 shows the security button on each SP (dual-SP system shown)

      Figure 1     Security   button on each SP (dual-SP   system shown)

    2. After 2 minutes, start Navisphere Express on the   storage system:

      1. Open an Internet browser, such as Internet   Explorer, Netscape, or Mozilla,   on the management host.

      2. Enter the IP address of an SP in the storage system.

        This address is the one that you assigned when you initialized   the storage system.

      3. Either log in to Navisphere Express as you   normally would or without a username and password.

    3. In the navigation pane, under System, click Settings.

    4. In the System   Settings pane, select User Management.

    5. Modify or create user accounts; then exit Navisphere Express.

      For detailed information on modifying or creating user accounts,   refer to the Navisphere Express online help.

    6. Test the new credentials by restarting Navisphere   Express and logging in to it with the new username and password.

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    Sorry, but in my case (the above) this does not work.

    I helped the EMC technical assistance.

    Service mode procedure with a serial cable.

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