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Journaling from an SMTP DataSource

Andrea Cassanello


during a presale conference call a customer asked more info about feautures about SMTP DataSource

Customer is an Email OutSourcer and they offer two kind of email services :

-          Domino for medium and large customers

-          Sun Java System Messaging server for small customers

So they wanted more details about SMTP ES1 archiving feature.


Because ES1 manuals give poor information about it I prepare a lab in order to test SMTP journaling.

I install and configured an SMTP service on a Windows server, I define a new email domain in our DNS server as MX record, I configured an ES1 SMTP journaling activity pointing to the new Win SMTP service drop dir.

Then I configured in our Windows AD and Exchange environment an user assigning an external address belonging to the new external domain address ( I use Exchange Task for external email assignement, no exchange mailbox).

I gave this user Owner permission on the Mapped Folder used by SMTP journaling activity and everything works good.

In other words using above configuration I was able to journal external messages towards the listening SMTP service I configured and I was able to config a local user in AD with least rights and characteristic s in order to permit Owner Web Search on SMTP archive.


I couldn’t find any info about which kind of message type ES1 could manage from a DropDir.

I mean if an external SMTP address could save messages copies directly on a DropDir  which kind of message format is supported ?


Let’s use as example above customer request:


Sun Java SMR users access email in HTTP or POP3/SMTP authenticating towards SUN Directory.

SUN Directory is LDAP compliant so LDAP authentication is available.


I should define a second account in AD used for ES1 for all these users in order to permit the access to Web search, because it’s not possible to authenticate in Web Search towards an external LDAP, isn’t it ?


I should configure a windows SMTP service to which the Sun MTA could send a copy of messages as I did in my lab, isn’t it ?


Is This the unique scenario ?


Is it possible to have more technical info and best practice about SMTP journaling ?





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    Peter Spooner

    Hello Andrea,


    Thank you for your feedback and questions.


    The only type of content managed from the SMTP DropDir is .eml files which are MIME messages.  The .eml messages can come from any source as long as they are placed in the DropDir.  The format must be MIME that follows the public RFC specification.


    SourceOne currently does not support an SMTP-only environment.  You must have at least either Domino or Exchange in the environment.  The SMTP addresses must be populated in the corresponding user's address book entry in order for any archived MIME messages to be discoverable by users.  For example, my Outlook address book entry contains several email addresses including SMTP addresses.  If a MIME message was sent to spooner_peter@emc.com and was archived by SourceOne, I can log into the SourceOne web search using my Windows account and find that message which was archived from the DropDir.  The authentication occurs by mapping my Windows account to my Outlook account and from there all email addresses are retrieved including the SMTP ones at the time of any searches.


    If there is a need to support SMTP-only environments, please open a Request For Enhancement so our Product Mgmt team is aware of the need for a solution.


    Again thanks for your participation in the SourceOne community.


    Peter Spooner

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    Andrea Cassanello

    Hi Peter,

    thank you very much for your support.


    Customer needs to prepare a public offer for a municipal district.

    If ES1 could have been used in an SMTP-only environment the customer would have bought ES1 directly, because the exclusive SMTP-only features not available in others competitors' products.

    Unfortunately it's not possibile so ES1 offer will be compared among other concurrent brand email archiving solutions.


    I reported to the EMC Account manager about the possibility to submit a Request For Enhancement, but I don't know if it'll be done.


    I hope in future it'll be implemented an SMTP-only solution.

    Mapped Folder permission can already be configured using LDAP, theoretically also an external one .

    Only external LDAP authentication during Web Search login is not available.

    By the way also some Domino customers could need this if they based authentication in Domino ( ex DWA ) using an external LDAP ( it's configurable in ES1 only for address lookup for sender, destination field in Web app ).


    Andrea Cassanello