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how to display documentum thumbnail image?


Hello all:

I want to develope a web page to manage some media information which include audio and video file.
How can I get the thumbnail images of the media object and then show them on mypage.And  when I get research result how can I use DQL language to implements of page access and display.

Best Regards!

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    Miklos Szurap


    Fisrt, you need to set up a Thumbnail Server (download it from subscribenet) on the Content Server host.

    After that you can issue DQLs like: SELECT r_object_id,object_name,title,thumbnail_url FROM dm_document WHERE ...


    The thumbnail_url computed column will have values (like http://contentserverhost:thmsrvport/thumbsrv/getthumbnail?...) which you can directly insert into image tags like

    <img src="${thumbnail_url}" >

    So the images  will be shown through thumbnail server.

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    Thank you at first.

    I got the correct images according to your guide.

    But there is another problem :I want to execute search object action and then get result pagination display.

    I find some DQL language,but I cannot get the result.

    Which is the relative DQL Language?How can I implement that?


    Best regards!

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    Miklos Szurap

    It depends which framework you are using. Plain JSP with DFC, WDK (Webtop), maybe other web framework with DFS?

    You can limit the number of rows returned by a DQL with adding "ENABLE(RETURN_TOP 10)" but that's not enough for a paginated display. You should code it on the server side, to cache the results and iterate to the right position.

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    Thanks at first.
    Case I am a beginner for the WDK and Webtop,I am using plain JSP with DFC framewoek.I also

    didnot understand clearly about that DQL sentence for a paginated diaplay.I find such a

    DQL statement:
    SELECT object_name FROM dm_document ENABLE
    It means the number of rows returned is the least number of rows defined in an included

    hint,Content Server returns 5 rows for the query. All right?
    If I get 100 records through search,It displays 10 records on every page,so It is a total

    of 10 pages. How can I do that?Would you give me a detail  please ?
    If you provide a simple example I appreciate you very much,good guy^_^

    Some new questions else:
    Which interface in DFC can I use to export the media file ?
    How can I preview my media file?

                                                                                                 sincerely Shirley

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    Francois Dauberlieu
    If you look in the Java sources, XML config files and JSP pages delivered with Webtop and WDK, you'll find a lot of examples about pagination. It's documented in the WDK documentation too.