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Disable indexing of objects for specific saves


Is there a way to disable indexing for objects for saves called from a specific script? We would like to update information in the Content Server without creating queue items that the Index Agent needs to process from a given script. Changes to those objects from other clients at the same time should be indexed. Other than un-registering the entire object type for saves, is there a more granular way of disabling the indexing of objects?

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    Hi Meshraghi,


    Not sure if you could tell xPlore not to index objects generated from a specific source.


    I would do it this way

    1. Create a sub try of the object type that you are creating objects of.

    2. Install xPlore filters

    3. Configure filters to not to index the nes sub object type.


    The subtype would not have any attributes of it's own but inherit all from the super type. It would act as a classification placeholder for xPlore


    Hope this helps you.



    Muzamil Siddiqui