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VNXe3200 how to enable FAST Cache


Hello everyone.


We have a VNXe3200 with this configuration:


- 2U DAE with 12 storage slots

- 9 x 4TB 3.5" SATA drives ( inserted in the SP )

- 6 x 900GB 3.5" SAS drives ( inserted in the DAE )

- 6 x 100MB 3.5" Flash drives ( inserted in the DAE )


We have two datastores configured, both have "Fast VP" enabled but the smaller one has it set to "Start high then auto-tier" , the bigger one has it set to "auto-tier"


We would like to enable the FAST Cache feature to further increase the performance and , since we have 3 free slots , we'd like to insert 3 new Fast Cache enabled drives ( the ones without the "X" in the part number , for example V6-PS6F-100 ) in them to be able to enable the FAST Cache.


Is this possible or is it an unsupported / unadvisable configuration?


Thank you in advance for your advice.