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Operation failed. Error code: 0x1000002


Hello Guys,


I wrote a script in Perl to monitor a DellEMC Unity 400 storage with Nagios. If I run my script with the nagios user manually, it works well, I get back the expected results, but if the Nagios itself runs the script it doesn't receive the proper answer from the storage.

If I run the uemcli command with nagios user manually like 'uemcli -d {IP ADDRESS} /sys/general show -detail', it works perfectly, but Nagios gets back the following error:

Operation failed. Error code: 0x1000002

The system encountered an unexpected error. Record the error code and go to the EMC Online Support website for all your support options. (Error Code:0x1000002)


The saveUser command was run under nagios user too, but the same issue happens if I try to run with username and password set.


I couldn't find any related pages on the forums. Can someone help me please?