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XtremeIO POST REST error 400




  I need help of consistency group refresh from another consistency group ( repurpose copy refresh).



Original consistency group name:  API-CG

Repurpose  consistency group created from API-CG is:  API-CG4


I need to refresh API-CG4 from API-CG later some time with no backup option so i am trying to automate this through my code but before that i am trying this in postman web, but i am getting 400 bad request error.


POST: https://xmsserver/api/json/v2/types/snapshots

Body: raw/JSON 


"from-consisntency-group-name": "API-CG",

"to-consisntency-group-name": "API-CG4",

"no-backup": "true"


Authorization credentials provided ( regular CG/snapshot POST, PUT, DELETE operations working ).


Am i missing anything here ?  appreciate any help.