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Isilon Mgmt pool configuration




Can some one help me to configure new Mgmt pool under different subnet.


I want to release the IP's from the existing MGMT pool and move the IP's to NFS pool, so that I can configure Dynamic failover as there are not enough IP's in the subnet and I dont want to configure New NFS and move the existing data to new pool as its hectic process and needs more downtime


We have 8 node cluster and the current NFS pool has 11 IP's, so if I release the IP's from MGMT pool it will have 22 IP' which would be practically enough for NFS to have smooth dynamic failover.


Do we need to modify the interface from network side to use a new VLAN, as i just want to use mgmt pool a different subnet?

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    Ip the different subnet chosen for the management is from a different VLAN then you need reconfigure the switch ports to use the new VLAN. if the IPs from same VLAN then it should respond as soon you reconfigure the new IPs.

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    Chris Klosterman


    Just to be clear, there is no such thing as a "management network" or a "management interface" on an Isilon cluster.  Isilon is managed in-band, and as-such any IP interface that's in the system access zone can access the WebUI, SSH, make PlatformAPI calls over HTTPS, etc.  This doesn't work in non-system access zones, but that's more of a the feature isn't there yet, but could be in the future.  It would in some instances make sense to allow for instance; in a multi-tenant environment, each tenant to be able to login to the WebUI, and see only their settings, shares, exports, etc.  The same goes for the Platform API or the CLI over SSH.   So while, for now you can make the assumption that anything not in the system access zone isn't a "management network", that could only be a temporary condition.  There is no IPMI/ ILO/ Control Station/ DRAC for managing Isilon out-of-band.


    I wrote some more on this subject in this doc if you're up for a read:

    (See page 9, specifically)



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