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When will CMCNE be supported on Windows Server 2016?


The release notes for Version 14.3.1 state that only up to Windows Server 2012 R2 is supported as an operating system.

I tried, but failed to install CMCNE 14.3.1 on Windows 2016. First attempt gave me this error message:

Installer User Interface Mode Not Supported


After trying to launch the setup from the command line using the -i GUI option, it would start. But it has a default path of /opt/CMCNE.... which is a Linux-style path. I chose a folder manually and it complains about free disk space. But I could proceed. But then the installer tried installing but complete with errors. It does not create any shortcuts and the starting batch-file returns an error about missing java. The installer does not seem to install JRE in the bin sub-folder.

I also tried running the setup program in compatibility mode for Windows 7, but no joy.


The release notes are clear in that Windows Server 2016 is not a supported OS. But when will be supported? 2018 is a few weeks away!

I realise this software is not directly from EMC, rather it is re-branded and slightly modified Brocade Network Advisor. And Brocade is probably a bit disorganised after they were taken over. But this is annoying, as many of our customers will not deploy older OSes for their new servers.

I also found this thread on Brocade's community forums. No sign of if/when it will be supported.

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