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Error with table restore DD Boost for SQL


I get an error with table restore. All other full backups and restores work just fine.

  1. ddbmsqlrc.exe  -c usall-devdb-03.na.fshrnet.com -a "SKIP_CLIENT_RESOLUTION=TRUE" -a "NSR_DFA_SI_DD_HOST=" -a "NSR_DFA_SI_DD_USER=ddsqluser" -a "NSR_DFA_SI_DEVICE_PATH=/sql-back-1" -a "NSR_DFA_SI_DD_LOCKBOX_PATH=C:\Program Files\DPSAPPS\common\lockbox" -D 5 -t "12/04/2017 12:35:24" -a "RECOVERY_PLAN_EXPORT=TRUE"  -a "RECOVERY_PLAN_EXPORT_FILE=RecoveryPlanTemp.xml"  -d "MSSQL$DEV01:destDBPlaceHolder" "MSSQL$DEV01:BoostTest"


Start time: Tue Dec 05 10:25:56 2017

Computer name: USALL-DEVDB-03     User name: usall.del.myukas

Check the detailed logs that are located at 'C:\Program Files\DPSAPPS\MSAPPAGENT\logs\ddbmsqlrc_2017_12_05.10_25_56.5896.log'.

The 'Skip client resolution' option is set to true. Client name 'usall-devdb-03.na.fshrnet.com' will be used for recovery.

Version information for C:\Program Files\DPSAPPS\MSAPPAGENT\bin\ddbmsqlrc.exe:  Original file name: ddbmsqlrc.exe        Version:     Comments: Supporting EMC Data Domain Boost for Microsoft Applications

52701:(pid 5896): Command line:

  ddbmsqlrc.exe -c usall-devdb-03.na.fshrnet.com -a SKIP_CLIENT_RESOLUTION=TRUE -a NSR_DFA_SI_DD_HOST= -a NSR_DFA_SI_DD_USER=ddsqluser -a NSR_DFA_SI_DEVICE_PATH=/sql-back-1 -a NSR_DFA_SI_DD_LOCKBOX_PATH=C:\Program Files\DPSAPPS\common\lockbox -D 5 -t 12/04/2017 12:35:24 -a RECOVERY_PLAN_EXPORT=TRUE -a RECOVERY_PLAN_EXPORT_FILE=RecoveryPlanTemp.xml -d MSSQL$DEV01:destDBPlaceHolder MSSQL$DEV01:BoostTest



                  NSR_CLIENT: usall-devdb-03.na.fshrnet.com;

             NSR_DEBUG_LEVEL: 0;


159530:(pid 5896): Exporting recovery plan to file: RecoveryPlanTemp.xml.

Recovering database 'BoostTest' into 'destDBPlaceHolder' ...

159544:(pid 5896): Exporting recovery plan for BoostTest.

159532:(pid 5896): Closing recovery plan file: RecoveryPlanTemp.xml.

3:(pid 5896): Xml contents was not saved successfully.

159533:(pid 5896): Unable to flush xml file, exiting.

Stop time: Tue Dec 05 10:25:59 2017

I/O error : Permission denied