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Alternatives for EMC Mitrend


Hi what alternatives are good for Mitrend? I use a lot for work and i don´t have problem to pay, but 250 dollars per month is a lot. Anyone know what can be useful? I need to to do reports for VMware, Veeam Backup and Storage (VNX, VNXe, DataDomain, Unity, etc) and Mitrend was perfect. I appreciated any help, thanks!!!

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    Hi there, I am looking for similar information on this topic, is there a mitrend replacement?


    I don't see anything similar on LiveOptics.

    I will be working on an Oracle/AWR analysis, and that was previously done via mitrends.


    Any information or pointers to other tools would be helpful.



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    Hello, anybody out there...


    I am still trying to get clarity...if we have lost the Mitrends/EMC toolset, then is LiveOptics supposed to replace it for analysis?  Previously used that tool for numerous h/w and s/w configuration/performance analyses as the first posted noted.


    If so, I see that there are "futures" listed, but those are from August 2017, and I don't see any information on those "new features"