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Unable to get LDAP working on InsightIQ 4.1.1


We have AD on Win3k8R2 serving up our LDAP. It has the Unix extensions installed. After entering our LDAP information...:


  • LDAP server: ldap://server.example.com
  • Base search entry: dc=example,dc=com
  • Bind entry: ldap_user
  • Bind password: ********


...And pressing Submit, I get the Configuration Saved message.


However, when I attempt to add a group, I am not able to find anything. The optional settings are left as default.


Which log should I be looking at to trace this? What might the problem be?

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    InsightIQ 4.1.1 introduced integrated LDAP support, but there is a known issue regarding the level of flexibility in the LDAP lookup that IIQ is performing. Since there are variances in how RFC 2307 Unix extensions can be implemented in AD (that is, there is no formal compliance required), IIQ needs to be more flexible in its lookup.


    Please file a bug report with the details of your experience. This will aid our investigations and efforts to create a fix for a future maintenance release.