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Upgrade D6.5 SP3 to D7.3




I have D6.5 SP3 running on RHEL 5.4 with Oracle DB 10g R2 (

I make the following steps to upgrade (direct upgrade)

(no intermediate step to D6.7 SP2 then to D7.3)


1- export Documentum Schema from DB and import it to new server(machine 1) installed on it Oracle DB 10g R2 (The same version of oracle & linux)

2- upgrade database (with DCTM Schema) to 11g R2 (

3-install fresh Oracle DB 11g R2 in Linux 7.2 (machine 2).

4- export & import DCTM schema from (machine 1) to (machine 2)

5- upgrade oracle DB in (machine 2) to 12c R1 ( (supported with D7.3)


6- Install in (machine 2 (linux 7.2)) Content Server:

7- Copy aek.key from old cs server to new cs server (machine 2)

8- Copy data directory from old one to new (/u02/Documentum/data)

9- configure Docbroker

10- configure docbase to use existing DB user & using existing aek key



All above steps continue seamlessly and no issues:

machine 1: linux 5.4 (DB 10g R2 ---> DB 11g R2)

machine 2: linux 7.2 (DB 11g R2 ---> DB 12c R1) (supported to D7.3)


I can retrieve one document that i was import it from old cs server in the new one



My Questions:

Is this true or not?

Is upgrade supported from D6.5 SP3 to D7.3 directly or need intermediate step (like upgrade first to D6.7 SP2 then upgrade to D7.3 )?

What are the steps that i must test to insure the upgrade is 100%  right?

And if i missing any step please correct me?




And Sorry for taking so long



Mohamed Sayed