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Requesting 10 minutes of help!  Support Task Model


Dell-EMC Customers and Partners --


We're working to define a task model to improve how we organize Dell-EMC enterprise documentation and technical support content.


We'd like your help to test our model through an online card sort activity.


Start the Dell-EMC Task Card Sort now - again, it's only 10 minutes and it's anonymous.

  • Drag the tasks on the left to the categories on the right (or create a new one)


Thank you for providing your input.  It's real customer data like your feedback that allows us to actively improve our service to you.  We truly appreciate your time!




Jill Orofino, Dell-EMC Technical Content

Janet Piazza, Dell-EMC Knowledge Management

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    Customers and Partners –


    Thank you for the great participation in our online card sort activity!  We had 290 participants and 138 who completed all the task activities! This data and feedback will help us to improve our support task models to enable better access to technical content in the future.


    What did we find?

    • Most of our task categories matched well to the common types of activities that customers want to perform.  However, some activities didn’t seem to neatly fit in any single category.  See more details below.
    • In addition to the task categories we provided, several participants also suggested new or revised categories such as “Alerts & Communication”, “Install/Replace Hardware”, and more.


    Analysis of Data

    • For each task, the following categorization was done to assess whether it had a “Low”, “Medium”, or “High” alignment with a particular category:
      • Low indicates less than 50% of users all agreed on a single category for the task
      • Medium indicates 50-75% of users agreed on a single category for the task
      • High indicates that more than 75% of users agreed on a single category for the task
    • Of the 35 tasks in the study, the results were as shown below.


    Task Volume

    Task %














    The 9 tasks with the lowest alignment to a single category, indicating that none of the categories seemed like a good fit, are listed here:

    Tasks with Lowest Category Alignment

    • Host attach
    • See all bugs fixed in a release
    • Replace a part of the System
    • Connect to EMC
    • Find cabling instructions
    • See latest security advisories
    • Tailor the product to meet specific needs
    • Enable licensing
    • Migrate data


    What’s next?

    • We are reviewing the data to see where we can further improve the task model, and especially target tasks with the lowest category alignment.  Changes and improvements may include expanding or revising task categories, adding additional description to better help users understand which content would be included in each one, or adding new categories.
    • We will then use this data to help design a next generation of improved task categories to assist in accessing support and technical content.


    Also, for those who agreed to participate in future usability studies, you have earned a special place in our hearts!  We appreciate your willingness to continue to support our efforts to improve your experience.


    Thanks again for giving us your time and feedback!




    Jill Orofino,

    Director, Information Experience

    Dell EMC | Product Development Engineering


    Janet Piazza,

    Principal Program Manager

    Dell EMC | Services Knowledge Management