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Performance Monitoring Software




I was wondering if anyone had any experience with or at least knowledge of Documentum monitoring software.  Obviously Reveille is the big dog, but we need to investigate others before making a purchase.  What else is out there that might be worth looking at.  I've come across SharePath by Correlsense if anyone can provide any feedback on it, and any other suggestions would be appreciated.


We are running Linux index, content and applications servers, and the application servers use Weblogic.

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    Michael Jiang

    You may have a look BMC Patrol software.

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    Most monitor software company's have created a link to check on docbase status.

    Besides BMC Patrol software, you can look at HP Openview, IBM Tivoli are some other big ones, that I know customer are using.

    If the can connect via java script for monitoring it should work.

    You need to ask the monitoring vendor.


    We  provide monitoring scripts that can to tied too

    EMC Documentum Content Server 7.3 Administration and Configuration Guide Page 559

    Monitoring scripts

    Monitoring scripts are provided for Content Server, the connection broker, the Java method server,

    and for the Index Agent.

    The scripts must be run as the Documentum Content Server installation owner. Each script returns

    success (the monitored process is running) as 0 or failure (the monitored process is stopped) as a

    non-zero value.


    Also in older manuals

    EMC Documentum Content Server 7.2 Administration and Configuration Guide Page 499

    Manual configuration steps for monitoring resources

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