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Ask the Expert: SolVe Desktop  Content. We want to hear from you!

Roberto Araujo

Ask the Expert: SolVe Desktop, Proactive knowledge and Self-Help Procedures for Customer Engagement Readiness

SolVe Desktop Information and Details

How can I get Solve Desktop?

This discussion takes place Feb. 27th - Mar. 12th. Once the event is live be sure to login in order to ensure replies are enabled.


Welcome to the Dell EMC Support Community Ask the Expert conversation!

During this event we would like to discuss the ‘Content” that makes up the SolVe Desktop Generators (for any Product), and discuss any questions you might have.  This discussion is open to anyone that uses the SolVe Desktop and we encourage you to ask questions!  To start your thought process, some things to think about: 


  • Are you able to find the procedures you need? and if not, What do you do when you can’t find them?
  • Are procedures for new products/versions available when you need them?
  • Are the procedures too detailed, not detailed, or detailed just right?
  • How do you use the procedures – do you read them from the computer screen, or from a mobile device, or print them? Do you incorporate them into another document?
  • What would make content even more valuable to you?
  • Would an Online version of SolVe Desktop interest you?

This discussion runs for two weeks. Get ready by bookmarking this page or signing up for e-mail notifications.




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Meet Your Experts:


Brian Kane

Sr. Manager GS Knowledge Management

Brian has been working for EMC since 2000, prior to this he has spent 14 years at IBM. His primary focus has been on customer support, project management while providing knowledge to customers emphasizing successful engagements.


Kirsty Allen

Sr. Program Manager

Kirsty has been with EMC for 16+ years and during her tenure she's held multiple positions. Her career has been focused around supporting customers. She's worked in Licensing, software, Return Materials and now the SolVe Team. Kirsty enjoys Customer Service and love being in this industry!


Bruce Stoner

Principal Technical Program Manager

Bruce has been with EMC for 18 years. First 7 years was spent as a Customer Engineer installing, upgrading and fixing customer environments. For the past 11 years Bruce's primary focus has been on supporting applications that focus on successful implementations at customer sites whether EMC delivered or customer implemented.


Carrie Mullaney

Technical Program Manager

Carrie started EMC back in 1999 after leaving The Paul Revere Insurance Group of 11 years where I advanced in Payroll & Field Financial Services. Here at EMC for 16+ years she has occupied many positions within the Customer Service/Global Services organizations relating to the Change Control process, now SolVe Engine, however always focused on Customer Service, Support and the Sharing of Knowledge.


David Irons

Application Developer

David is a high tech veteran, a warrior of the industry since before PCs were born. He's been a System Admin, Tech Support person, coder (bug fixer), and Technical Writer.


Mark Foreman

Consultant Developer

Mark is currently responsible for SolVe Desktop application design and development, a platform supporting customers, partners and employees with targeted product knowledge delivered on demand. Other roles over the last 15 years at EMC include remote solution support (open systems) and knowledge centered support.


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