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Updation of Content Permission



We are using Content Repository as 7.1 and WebTop as 6.7. We have a folder structure which has almost 5 to 6 levels. Now there is new person who has joined and we have to give permission to the user to access files of the particular set of folder with Read Permission. Currently, we are able to provide permission till the folder level. But, if we don't give the permission at file level, it does not display files to the user. There are almost 3000 files in different folders. Can anybody provide me some solution to provide permission in such a way, so that the user should be able to access the content stored in the respective folders. 

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    Johnny Gee

    The folders are only used for browsing.  If you perform search, the permissions on folders are skipped.  So if your user does not have READ permissions on the files, then you will need to change the ACL on those documents.  If you defined system ACLs on the documents, then you just need to modify ACL definition (and not have to modify individual files).  If you didnt use system ACLs and are using auto-generated ACLs, then you will have to write dfc utility/api script to modify each of the 3000 files.  This is why security model needs to be developed before rolling out application to users.