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VMAX REST API Remote Metrics




Over the past couple of days I have put together a Python program that retrieves capacity metrics from our four Symms via the REST API.


     First I get the list of Symms using:  ~~/univmax/restapi/system/symmetrix


     Then for each Symm "get" the basic capacity metrics using: ~~/univmax/restapi/provisioning/symmetrix/" + SYMM


     These are working. However, I am attempting to also retrieve the count of physical disks and identify whether they are in use or spare but these metrics seem to only be available for "local" Symms. 


     I'm using 'POST' to retrieve a list of the physical disks using: ~~/univmax/restapi/performance/Disk/keys


     Then using 'POST' to produce the ~~/univmax/restapi/performance/Disk/metrics.

This only works for the local Symms. Is there another path to retrieve disk metrics for remote Symms?


Thank you.