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ClusterTalk Podcast Episode 5


Welcome to episode 5 of the EMC Isilon ClusterTalk podcast, Woah!  Stop the Buzzkill!  In this episode, hosts Chris Adiletta and Scott Pinzon report on how Big Data has both made pop music more formulaic (bad!) and has found new ways to save endangered honey bee colonies (good!). Gobbled from the Feed includes an in-depth report on what Big Data tells us about wildfires and landslides, featuring guest data scientist Collette Gantenbein. The You Asked For It and Cool Commands segments combine to examine Smartfail and flexprotect. Hidden Gems features a new opportunity to influence Isilon documentation. And last, Chris and Scott get their happy on with a doorbell and a magazine.


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Show Notes:

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Save the Bees:


Landslides and Fires with Collette Gantenbein:


You Asked for a Cool Command:


Hidden Gem:
Ask the Expert: https://community.emc.com/thread/216708


Happy Topics:

Scott: http://www.zite.com/


Chris: https://ring.com/