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networker console error : unknown vmware protection policy default



after deleting a vmware action from "default policy" I can no longer view or change vmware protecion policy from the console newtorker.

and from vCenter Web Console the VSA can no longer select the backup policy.

on cli I get this error message:



C:\Windows\system32>nsrpolicy -D 5 -s networker -p default

03/06/15 22:39:34.793938 RPC Authentication: error in LookupAccountSid: No such file or di


03/06/15 22:39:34.793938 lgto_auth: redirected to networker prog 390103 vers 2

03/06/15 22:39:34.825207 lgto_auth for `nsrd' succeeded

100272:nsrpolicy: Policy 'default' is in update pending state.

100273:nsrpolicy: Policy 'default' cannot be executed.

99530:nsrpolicy: Vmware Protection Policy 'default' failed.




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    I had similar issue. No help from gui.

    Go to nsradmin and try

    print type:NSR data protection policy;name:default

    You'll get details about the policy.

    Try to delete it from nsradmin

    delete type:NSR data protection policy;name:default

    I failed but you might succeed.

    In case of failure delete a resource.

    First find resource id in nsradmin

    bind type:NSR data protection policy;name:default

    You'll get id in the last row

    Then have a look at resource files in /nsr/res/nsrdb

    Find a resource with your id (open each resource file manually and have a look at the end or use a tool to search through files). Notice for opening these files you need escalated priviledges.

    Then stop networker, copy resource file or whole folder to temporary location just in case, delete the resource file, and then start networker service again.

    Then you shouldn't have ghosts in NMC.

    Decommission the VMA and redeploy it again.

    Notice that this will delete all backups made by this VBA.

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    Well, you can do some deep work around by looking for the resource identifier number and search for it in every resource file inside "/nsr/res/nsrdb".


    When finding the right file, stop NetWorker server and edit the following variables in it:

    - action concurrency: y

    - action enabled: y

    - preceeding action: " "

    - policy action list: Default VBA backup



    Examble of the file below:

    action concurrency: y; action enabled: y; autostart: Disabled; comment:; configuration error:; configuration start time: "Mon Oct 12 12:26:55 2015"; interval: "24:00"; last end: "Mon Oct 12 10:56:02 2015"; last end epoch: 1444640162; last start: "Mon Oct 12 10:55:56 2015"; last start epoch: 1444640156; name: Default; policy action list: Default VBA backup; preceeding action: " "; previous action list: Default VBA backup; previous VBA list:; skip dispatcher:; start time: "21:00"; state: Success; type: NSR data protection policy; VBA list: brsvba01.brsdc.local; resource identifier:


    Then start NetWorker and it should work like a charm..:-)

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    Follow below steps from NetWorker server :

    ** "Also keep a bootstrap backup. So you should have an online and offline backup in case you need to restore. ". (Take a bootstrap backup.)

    1. Make a copy of nsrdb: Open the <networker install directory>/res directory and copy the nsrdb to a safe location .

    2. Stop all services

    3. Connect to nsrdb using nsradmin using below command:

    nsradmin –d <path to nsrdb>

    . type: NSR data protection policy


    Tip: You will see multiple policies printed. Select specific policy using below syntax:

    . type: nsr data protection policy ; name: BadPolicy

    Then delete the name of policy you want to remove using 'delete'

    Tip: When prompted hit 'yes'

    4. Start all services back