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unisphere vmax alerts


I think I know the answer but I'm hoping I am not correct.

In Unisphere for Vmax, I am setting the Alert settings for Email under All symmetrix/Home/Admin/Alert Settings/Notifications/Email configuration.

I can add 1 email address or distribution group to the email address for each symmetrix but if I attempt to add a second one, i receive an error 'too many @ signs'.

I've tried ; or , or : as delimiters between email addresses in the field so I am assuming I am limited to 1 email address in the distribution list.

is this true? that we can't have more than 1 email address as a distribution for alerts?





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    You can add only one, i would suggest you can create  distribution list (whoever needs to be alerted) and provide that address there.

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    thanks, as I had assumed. I am using a distribution list but i need to send the alerts to both a customer distribution list and my partner distribution list. Two separate email structures, and therein is the difficulty.

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    forward rule in outlook will work i believe

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    thanks, I have applied some thought to that but am still reviewing my options.

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    Hello, just piggy-backing on this same configuration item - email/notification. 


    I am setting up two new VMAX3 all flash arrays utilizing Unisphere for VMAX to setup email/alert notification.


    In the same area as the original user

    "In Unisphere for Vmax, I am setting the Alert settings for Email under All symmetrix/Home/Admin/Alert Settings/Notifications/Email configuration."


    I enter the options , sender, IP/port for SMTP, then recipient however when I hit the "OK" button to submit my options, it tells me "failed to set email configuration"  (a default "its not working" error message (?)).  I also noticed through several attempts regardless of email address used, IP or host name of the SMTP server etc, that the "TEST" button is grayed out as well.


    I get the impression that something else within this software needs to be turn up to allow this email notification option in the first place.


    My email admins confirm that both VMAX's IPs are a registered as a valid sender in exchange.  i ge teh same symptoms on both independently managed VMAXs


    Anywhere else I can look?  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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    I have the same problem on my 2 new vmax3's, did you find an answer?

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    I was told this is b/c of TLS and that Unisphere v8.4 (May ?)  should resolve these...


    I believe the next release of Unisphere (8.4) will support (TLSv1.2)


    Here are the associated articles for both my issues - alerts and LDAP


    EMAIL alerts


    484767 : Unisphere for VMAX 8.2 and 8.3 - Unable to configure/test email alerts. Error "Failed to set email configuration" https://support.emc.com/kb/484767


    LDAP -


    491481 : Unable to configure LDAP-SSL using Unisphere for VMAX 8.3. Error: LDAP-SSL Validation error com.emc.csp.error.SystemException: LDAP Server is down https://support.emc.com/kb/491481

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    the behavior seems to match that KB but please open a CS ticket so we can confirm by the logs as we need to be positive it's the same problem.

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    Same issue with the email setup. Running unisphere from the frame - not from a server.  The kb that support provided appears to be for external unisphere installs.  (kb484767).  Running 8.3.01 Unisphere. Note that it was setup initially when the frame was delivered and tested, so I know it worked at one time.  Guessing that it's code related - will look at having the SE install the 8.4 code to remedy this.

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    Hi JCCoder,


    ok the upgrade to 8.4 may resolve it but if it doesn't please let us know.




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    I installed v8.4 on a stand alone symcli server to test functionality as it relates to alerting/notifications.  I am using embedded mgmt therefore I would need a full frame/code upgrade to test this completely.


    I got further in that I am now able to "test" with the GUI buttons and enter mail server, port etc.  The options i set engage however now I have a test pop up error from the gui.


    Test Email Server Error   - com.emc.em.common.mail.MailServeiceException: Failed to deliver JavaMail message.


    I have checked with my exchange admin on address/ip port as well as my stand alone server being authorized to send to exchange.... all is good there.


    Any ideas?  I feel I am now fighting Java, certificate related errors now...




    UPDATE:  After making certain my email admin (asked 3x) had my U4V server on the accepted sender/relay list within Exchange, email notification/alerts are now working.


    Upgrades to SE to v8.4,  and U4V v8.4 solved this issue.

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    Thanks for the update. I asked emc to upgrade the embedded Unishpere to the level you mention, but am told that to upgrade Unipshere, the code on the frame needs to be upgraded - they can't just up grade the unisphere itself - ugh!  Right now the code is at GA and I refuse to put GA code on a frame - only target. I hope they are looking here for information about issues and take note.  Thanks for chasing it.



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    Hi JC,


    I can appreciate the frustration of the joint upgrade and its something we are looking to address, can you send me a PM here and I will follow up directly with you on email.




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    Thanks Fin – Just seems to me that if EMC is going to embed the Unisphere in the frame, it should be able to be upgraded and stay in step with the release of Unisphere separately.



    Thx- jim



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