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Which storage platforms are supported by ViPR SRM?

Paula Swanson

ViPR SRM is rapidly expanding it's breadth and depth of support, which EMC and 3rd party storage platforms are supported?

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    Gayatri Aryan

    You are correct, Paula, ViPR SRM is certainly expanding to support platforms well beyond EMC's. But before I go ahead and speak to these platforms specifically, it is important to first understand when does ViPR SRM claim support for a specific platform.


    As you know there are various aspects ViPR SRM reports on, to name a few:

    • Capacity - this includes slicing and dicing of Capacity consumption numbers for variety of use cases;
    • Topology - this provides an End-to-End perspective around physical as well as logical connectivity;
    • Performance - this is where the performance trending of devices as well as its components can be monitored;
    • Operations - this includes Alerts, Compliance Violations, and more;
    • Planning - enables Capacity forecasting, etc.;


    It is also important to note that we strive to provide a single pane of glass view for the all platforms we support irrespective of its vendor. So, in a hybrid environment, when a customer is looking at the Enterprise Capacity Dashboard, for instance, a VMAX array and a HDS array is simply treated as a Block array and reported on. As can be extrapolated, this requires an in-depth understanding of each platform and "normalizing" its data to the pieces of information we want to report on.


    So, with all of the above in context, here is the list of platforms ViPR SRM will support with the upcoming release.  Note that this is an all inclusive list meaning that it includes the platforms supported today:

    • DMX/VMAX
    • VNX
    • VNXe (New!)
    • VPLEX (New!)
    • XtremIO (New!)
    • HDS (New!)
    • HP XP (New!)
    • IBM XiV (New!)
    • NetApp (New!)


    I'll be happy to speak to specific models and/or firmware’s we support if it is of any interest.


    In addition to the above list, ViPR SRM also has some stand-alone, platform specific, reporting available for the following platforms: 

    • Isilon
    • HP EVA, 3PAR
    • Atmos
    • Centera
    • IBM DS


    These platforms are planned to be eventually integrated into the single pane of glass view I discuss above.


    I hope this helps.