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Collecting performance data from Unisphere for VMAX




I am looking to understand how we can collect the Symmetrix performance files (btp) from environments where Unisphere for VMAX is deployed.


I am familiar with how to do this using SPA and on hosts where Solutions Enabler is installed.


But for Unisphere for VMAX users are there any prior settings (such as the data collection policy, diagnostic intervals) that I need to ensure are set in the Unisphere GUI?


Can I then collect the btp files from Windows explorer (on a host where Unisphere for VMAX is installed)? If so what is the path to the btp files?


I have seen from the product guide that you can export the btp files from within the Unisphere GUI but you need to manually describe which metrics you need and there are about 12 steps involved.


The reason I want to gather this information is for the purpose of logging support tickets with EMC. So ideally I just want to upload to EMC all the performance data collected in and around the time of an outage.


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    John Adams

    You should be able to collect ttp files with the STP daemon.  It has been recommended not to use the SPA host to collect STP files.


    stordaemon start storstpd


    stordamon show storstpd

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    Thanks for your feedback.


    I am looking for information specific to Unisphere for VMAX. (has the performance function in Unisphere replaced SPA?)


    And if so it was previously possible to configure data collection from within the SPA GUI and I am hoping to document the same equivalent process for Unisphere.


    I am familiar with the Solutions Enabler way of collecting performance stats but need to accommodate users of the GUI also.

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    The Unisphere for VMAX product guide on support.emc.com contains information on how to configure monitoring, look in the Performance section under the Settings subsection. SPA was part of SMC and both of those products were replaced by Unisphere for VMAX. The performance component is built in and is part of the same GUI now.


    The performance metrics are not stored in the native TTP format that you will find when running the storstpd daemon but in the Unisphere database, so if you want to export data in BTP format you have to go to the performance section of Unisphere and run a report using the BTP format.