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EMC Community Network Frequently Asked Questions


The EMC Community Network (ECN) was upgraded on March 2, 2013. Many new functions were added and some of the original functions also changed. Here we summarize some common operations in an FAQ. We hope it helps you familiarize yourself with the new ECN and use it more efficiently.


NOTE: Update on June 19: New question and answer on verifying the location of your posts to ensure they are seen and answered.

Question: Still Waiting For an Answer?

Answer: If you are still waiting for an answer to your question, please ensure you have posted it in a Support Community Forum and not in your own personal space. You can verify it’s posted in a Support Community Forum by:


1. Navigating to your personal space by selecting your name:


2. Then select your picture image: 


3. Then select the content tab: (Optionally you could then select specific content type:


4. If your content is in a Support Community Forum, it will show as: “in … Support Forum”: 


5. If your content is not in a Support Community Forum, then it will show as: “By …”:


6. To move your question, first select it: 


7. Then select “Move” under “Actions” on the right hand side of the page:


8. Then select “Spaces”:


9. Then select “Sub-spaces” to the right of “Support Community”: (While you cannot directly select “Support Community”, you will be able to select “Sub-spaces to the right of “Support Community”):


10. Then you can scroll down to your desired support forum, and select it: 

11. Then confirm the move by selecting, “Yes – move it here”:


12. That’s it!