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APG reports


When I make a report in APG 4, there are servers that they are not being monitored by SMART now or there are server without information.

How do I do to get correctly a report?

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    Hi scortesb,


    I do not have the detail of your Watch4net deployment but here some guideline for you:


    1) If your Watch4net is only taking data from Smarts:

         - You could add those device in Smarts and Watch4net will automatically start reporting on cpu/mem/filesystems (more if you have more Smarts domain like application availability/latency from Smarts ACM)


    2) If you have licenses for the Watch4net SNMP Collector (and Mib-Browser):

         - You can assign a snmp mask to your device. To do this, go in Administration --> SNMP-Collector


    3) If you have licenses for SCOM Adapter or any other Watch4net Collector.



    I must admit that APG 4.X is not really up-to-date. If you have a valid support contract, you can open a ticket to get better details on this.  I would also recommend upgrading to newer version. In February, a new version will go out and really put Watch4net years in advance on the competition.

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    Thanks a lot for answer me




    I have number 1 and now I have more problems L because I have more servers without information in my reports. Are there some way to restart information of APG 4 that it come from SMARTS?





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    Macgaver has the correct answer.


    Either, get your SMARTS environment so it sees exactly what you want (confirm this by going to IP and making sure the server is in SMARTS and the data you want is there in SMARTS).


    If it is standard stuff like CPU, Memory, Interfaces this will automatically come into APG.


    Your next problem is the filter you setup for your APG reports. To test your filter use the down arrow on the search tool (slightly left of center top in APG). Use the wizard to Filter on devtype is Host (typically where servers end up - but again check your SMARTS AM to confirm the missing server is there and in Hosts). Then in Expansion put device part.


    Click apply and you should see the servers all there. if not Back to SMARTS AM and make sure you have them in AM and they are in Hosts.