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View XML Content as raw xml as well as a user friendly document


Dear Folks,


I've a question here on Forms Builder/Taskspace. I have a requirement where I need to show xml document/content to end user as a raw xml and also as a printable document without XML tags.


I tried searching on it but not get anything...


I know that I'll have to use document view form but how to achive this is still a question..


one of the solution could be to


Step 1: Write a TBO and on every onSave(...), create a rendition of the xml document..

Step 2: Customize the taskspace view/Open actions and show the primary document with XML tags..

Step 3: If user wants to see the user friendly document with orint capability then add a new action and this time get th erendition and throw it to the requesting page...


However all this looks very difficult and also defeats the purpose of having form builder customizable components?


Please help....appreciate your every help....


Anurag Sharma