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Enable tree quota on existing directory structure




I know that at least previously Tree Quotas could only be enabled on an empty folder. But i just read the latest release notes for Celerra and found that an older version introduced Online quota update tool. Does this enable us to activate Tree Quota on an existing directory structure? Below is an excerpt from the release notes document P/N 300-009-958 REV A13


Online quota update tool

Once a tree, user, or group quota is enabled on a directory, in some

instances, differences may occur between a reported quota usage and the

actual usage. The online quota update tool lets you run a quota check on

a tree or file system. The tool updates the tree, group, and user usage

statistics, while keeping the directory tree and file system online, and

keeping data access available. You can also run a quota check in the

offline mode, if desired.

If you have file system administrative privileges, you can use the Celerra

CLI to run the online quota update tool. If an error is encountered, an

error message is generated. The status of the online quota check shows

the percentage completed.