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How to add an DAE to a Clariion CX4-480


Hello everybody,


we run a Clariion CX4-480 with one DAE with EFD's (SSDs), and 4 more with FC-Disks.


We just got 2 new DAEs one with SATA 2TB drives, one with FC drives.


I am aware of the fact that EMC says these must be installed by a EMC-trained technician and I am not going to do that myself (void warranty and be responsible for any desaster that may result), but:

The people sent to us at other cases by our supplier were not always ...uhm...giving the impression of having done all a lot of times which they did at our stuff.

As we have our service contract with that supplier (I can't change that) and I am a technician who likes to know how things work, I would really be grateful if somebody could give me (at least) an overwiew of how to (hot-)add the 2 DAEs while the CX is in service.


I already have read Dave Z's great docs and posts here in the forum (about will SATA and FC on the same BUS /slowdown?, etc..) it is not about which DAE to which BUS but more like the steps to be accomplished.

We got the DAEs, the BUS cables and 5 CDs (havent looked at them by now, so the purpose is not clear, but will do that).


Thanks in advantage and kind regards