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VILT Installation problems


I have been having all sorts of problems trying to install a new VILT that we purchsed recently.


The Problem starts during the first step i.e. Installation of the Training utility. After I start the installation of the utility it goes about 70% thru and then gives an error message


"The installer has encountered an enexpected error......The error code is 2869". It then uninstalls itself and says that the installer was interrupted and that need to restart the installer again. See the printscreen attached)


I have done it many times and still I have the same problem.


I am running windows 7 Professional 64 bit with SP1 with 6GB RAM an a Quad core i7 processor.


What is error code 2869. Do I need to do a fresh install for winows 7.


Can some one explain what the following files are supposed to do




dotnetfx folder


stop services


I have read all the instructions that came with the cover, but there is no mention of any errors that can occur during the training utility installation phase.

Any link to some knowledgebase or any suggestions would be helpful.