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RecoverPoint Roles - Who is using them?

Scott Vorhees

About 6 months ago, I upgraded RecoverPoint to  With this new version; one of the more noticable new features were "Roles".


This allows you to create an account that has limited rights... such as only Configuring Groups, performing Data Transfers (on specific Consistency Groups), or performing software upgrades.


I love this new feature because I have created a Role that I use for my DBA's and Email admins that allow them to fire up the target image in the D.R. site and test away at their leisure.  What's great is that the SQL-DBA account is ONLY allowed to work with their 'specific' Consistency Groups.  They can't light up the disk for the Email servers (for example).  They are also completely prevented from Failover.... so they can't hurt themselves as well.  Very limited role.


After a small amount of training and a helpful word .doc with screenshots; I have several admins using this, which has freed me up to concentrate on some other things.


The most important thing that I've had to warn them about is to not keep the image up overnight and to not perform MASSIVE amounts of changes on the test image. 


I'm curious as to other admins out there that may be using this and how they have found it helpful.