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Source One search versus Email Xtender search


We just moved from Email Xtender to Source One and all of my 150 users are finding the Source One search function slow and very difficult to use when compared to the Xtender search.  I have two VP's that have asked me to look for another email archiving solution because of this.


I am waiting to hear back from a Source One rep and came across this site trying to get some info.  One issue with the new search is that you could easily search by from/to dates in Xtender and easily scroll through all of your results. 


I could get into all of the details but one of our Vice Presidents, who does multiple searches daily, put it best when he said "I hate everything about it".


Does anyone know if EMC plans to make a search in Outlook similar to the Xtender search or make the current one more user friendly.


As of about two weeks ago we were at the very latest version of Source One.


Thanks for looking.


Steve - IT Manager

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    Rajan Katwal

    Hi Steve,


    For those who used EmailXtender search it might look a little odd to work with SourceOne search in the starting mainly because there are only 5-6 main options available in EX search screen that users can use. With SourceOne all the options are still there and once users use it few times they usually adopt to new options. I understand all new options available especially since File and Sharepoint archiving options are there too , it might make it look like too many options to select from.


    There was an enhancement request raised with product management to allow a configuration option for users or admins to set particular fields to be readily available on the main screen so that users will not have to go to dropdown menus to select those. I am not sure where it stands but if you like to either get attached to that enhancement request or raise similar request for enhancement then I would suggest you to raise service request with support team.


    Support team can also try to find if there is anything that could be tweaked to make search quicker for you. The way search works now is that a job gets created by SourceOne when a search is submitted, that job gets picked up by one of the workers that had the search role. Once that worker finishes with the search it will post back results.


    There are other options e.g. how many search results to be displayed are also configurable options.


    Latest version of SourceOne email management is 6.7.SP2, in case you are running older version then upgrade to the latest version might help as well. In any case I would suggest raising the service request to let support have a look at your configuration and version of SourceOne you are running.




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         I do know that a request for enhancement was submitted to allow for configuration of the searh tool for SourceOne. This was possible in 6.5 but the option was removed when 6.6 was released. It required modifying an XML file. I believe this feature will be enabled in a future release as this is a common requerst from customers.

         As for search performance, I would check to see if your SourceOne databases need to be re-indexed as well as updating statistics. Since we write to the databases on a frequent basis, they tend to get severely fragmented if routine maintenance is not performed. Chapter 13 of the SourceOne Administration guide lists a section on maintaining the EMC SourceOne databases. Maintaining the databases will show increased performance in search speed as well as shortcut retrieval. I hope this helps.

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    I'm having the same issues as the orignal poster.  The searches seem slow on Source One Search (compared to the results received previously on the same data through EXsearch).  Also, and more importantly, I have people who are insisting they cannot find email messages via Source One Search that they were easily able to find using EXsearch. 


    They cannot find emails based on user email addresses.  They've searched on the senders first name, last name, exact email address, whittled it down to before a certain date, yet they still cannot find what they're looking for.  Stuff that they were able to pull up at a moments notice with EXSearch, is now painfully difficult to find. 


    The CEO of my company is not very happy with the Source One Search.  We have email archived via Xtender going back to 2006 and before we changed programs there was never a problem finding old mail.  Now I'm being told it's almost impossible to find what they're looking for.


    Is there any documentation detailing the differences between EXSearch and SourceOne Search?  Or even a best practices paper on how to use the Source One Search?

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    I was told by EMC last year that they would be creating an add on to Outlook so the Source One search would be similar to the old EmailXtender search that my users liked.  I was told this would be abvailable this past spring.  This has not happened even though there have been multiple complaints about the Source One search and its performance from other customers that have move from Xtender to Source One.


    I was told by support rep Abhishek Jain 800-782-4362 Ext: 64129 SR#49747734 last month that they have no plans to develop an interface to Outlook.


    My users all think we went at step backwards when we went from EmailXtender to Source One because all they use is the search and their perception is that it does not work well.


    I feel that I have been deceived by EMC.



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    Gary Reardon

    To the best of my knowledge there was never a Search Plugin on the roadmap.


    What seems to be your problem with searching in S1?

    I have many EmailXtender to SourceOne Customer that are very happy with the S1 Search.

    S1 Search performance is directly affected by the system design when S1 was implemented.

    The ones that I have seen with issues are usually the ones that cut corners on the design recommendations or weren't designed properly to begin with.

    SQL & Index performance are particularly important for Search.

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    We used a third party, that has done many conversions from Email Xtender to Source One, so we hope it was done correctly.  Its good to hear that there are customers that are very happy with the S1 search.


    Unfortunately, it is two of our Vice Presidents that use the search almost daily that have complained the most about the new search.  As a result we did training classes for everyone which alleviated some of the issues but we still hear complaints about how great the Xtender search worked versus the S1 search.  I think its primarly just a change thing because we can usually show them what they are doing wrong when they search.


    When I use it, I put in my search criteria and just check it every 5-10 minutes until it completes.  Not a big deal.


    Thanks for responding.