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How to upload a file into the directory in the atmos using .NET



I am looking to implement the sample to upload a file in a particular directory in cloud.I have followed the ideas in below link.




sample code :


I have written lik this,


EsuRestApi cloudRest = new EsuRestApi(host, port, username, secret);


Acl acl = new Acl();




new Grant(new Grantee(cloudRest.GetUid(), Grantee.GRANTEE_TYPE.USER), Permission.FULL_CONTROL));


EsuApi cloud = cloudRest;UploadHelper upload = new UploadHelper(cloud);




{oId = upload.CreateObjectOnPath(

new ObjectPath("/sample/"), "C:/Users/karthike/Desktop/karthik/documents/pssswords.txt", acl, null);




Is this correct? Once i check out whether the file uploaded or not in AtmosFox plugin.I coundn't find the uploaded file.But Created directory is there.


Can you please give me solution If i did anything wrong?