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Software Upgrade on VNX 5300


Using USM, I see that there is both a VNX for Block software upgrade and a VNX for File software upgrade available for our array.


When attempting to choose "Install VNX OE" to install the software updates, we receive an error:


     Error: Configuring Control Station

     Brief Description:  Unable to connect to the provided IP address or Hostname

     Full Description:  The Unisphere Server Manager (USM) was unable to connect to the IP address or Hostname you provided

     Message ID:  15569322006


The recommended action is that we verify the user has been granted permission to access the Control Station.  We are logging in to USM using the sysadmin user and when viewing that user in Unisphere, the "Control Station Access allowed" checkbox IS turned on.


Has anyone seen this issue before and know how to resolve it?

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    Did you look at EMC Knowledgebase article emc257970?  There is a second possible cause listed there, and it gives the appropriate actions to fix the issue.

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    Thank you for the article, I've checked the second possible cause and that doesn't appear to be the case on our array.  The /var/tmp directory has only the '.' and '..' entries.

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    Why don't you choose "Install VNX for File" first and after upgrade "Install VNX for Block"?

    The result will be the same.



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    We seem to have gotten further with things, but I'm thinking there must still be a problem with our installation...


    Watching the /var/log/secure on the primary control station, I saw that it was logging login failures for the sysadmin@storageDomain.  So, we created a new account in Unisphere and instead used that to logon to USM.  


    That seems to have fixed the original error we're seeing.  I have no idea what it's using as the password when attempting the connection, as we ARE able to login using the sysadmin account and the password we're using in USM.


    Using the newly created account, we're able to go through the Prepare for Installation Wizards, but now receive an error about our Dual control station installation.  Is this something we need to have an EMC field tech do?


    Last question -- is it safe to upgrade the Block side from to without doing the File side upgrade from 7.13-1 to 7.14.0?

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    With dual CS configuration you should only use CLI to upgrade NAS code.

    It's as simple as use USM.

    Download latest VNX procedure generator, generate upgrade procedure and follow it.


    Don't upgrade OE for Block to until you upgrade OE for File to



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    If you are a customer with the 24x7 maintenance contract you can also ask EMC support to do the upgrade for you (onsite or remotely)



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    Yep, I think we're gonna let the field tech take care of this.  Too many moving parts here that we're not completely understanding...

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    VFA Administrator

    Is there a trick to getting it to generate this. cIt comes up as a 5100 and there is not cli option

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    We were upgrading VNX for File first and suddenly at 17% USM lost access to primary control station due to reboot process took place during the upgrade, I waited for hours but no luck, now when I try to do a DVD, it is saying Upgrade is in progress, we tried all the possibilities to stop but no luck.  NAS service is down on primary control Station and upgrade is in progress, can not stop NAS service because upgrade is in progress and can not start because it is saying already in the requested state.


    Any pointers huge help....

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    Depending on your current version, the SP (Clariion/Storage) backend security database may not be aligned

    You may need to resolve that first. If you changed your sysadmin creds on the GUI you will need to fix this first.

    Primus articles-- emc200669 and emc270977


    You need to do the File first then Block -- cannot do one without the other!  Block is never done without File first!


    Dual control station setups need to have the secondary control station shutdown


    You also need to run the pre-upgrade check first to ensure you have no issues, there are a handful of MUST pass items to ensure you don't run into problems.


    If you're in an ultra secure enviornment  using STIG (Security Hardening) you need to turn it off


    Best to connect to CS0 via serial connect and run from DVD mount -- never GUI


    It's best to schedule these with your EMC SAM and have EMC CE do this with support engaged on webex.



    I've had two instances where control station replacements had to be replaced. Always best to let EMC do the work if you're paying for maintenance.....that's what the big bucks are for!!!

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    You could to stab into CS0 via serial--- right now its in a state where failover will not happen and you probably can't manage anything.....support has a way to get you going to at least manage via CLI until a CE arrives.


    User access at this point should not be interrupted as long as your prod datamover(s) don't reboot. Everything's running in memory right now so you should be OK. Right now, if anything fails, you're dead in the water.


    You could get the current file and block versions .iso downloaded and burned to DVD ASAP, mount it, then hopefully continue the upgrade...


    I'd advise that you call support, open SEV1 and call your SAM to ensure escalation....let them know everything you've done now so they can figure out how to get you running. If no CE is available, they might connect you to L2 and maybe walk you through.


    Good luck!

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    Did you ever get a resolution to this issue?  I have similar problem with VNX 5300 File upgrade. CS0 is "control station ready" has warning message that Upgrade is in progress and I cant start the nas service.  CS1 is primary control station.

    I try to resume the upgrade and error message states that CS0 (slot_0) needs to be the "primary control station".

    /nasmcd/bin/nas_version   is showing that CS0 is now running the updated version but upgrade has hung .  I cant find a way to resume.

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    I would suggest to open a service request


    I dont think you will get an answer from a 4-6 year old post