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HAVT issues displayed in UNISPHERE


In the Host List -> Connection Status column within Unisphere all our UNIX servers connected to a CS960, display "HAVT Issues"

HAVT issues.bmp


The UNIX servers use either PowerPath or SUN multi-pathing software, they are all Solaris 10

They all have Unisphere Host agent 7.30.11 (0.38) installed

The Zoning IS configured correctly

Windows Servers (and Celerra) display Active as expected


The UNIX guys have confirmed they can see all paths as expected, we have tested mutli-pathing and everything is OK


Any ideas ?





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    Christopher Imes

    Within Unisphere, run the "High Availability Verification Wizard" from the "Monitoring" option in the toolbar.  Review the report and see if the status is still valid.


    There are reported incidents that upon an upgrade to FLARE 30 that hosts improperly report "HAVT Issues" when everything suggests otherwise.  If this is the case for you, there are solutions but require some downtime on the affected hosts to clear.  Please open an SR so that support can review and can confirm if this is being improperly flagged in Unisphere, and then they can provide you with several options to clear it (involves deregistering paths and/or removing hosts from storage groups and restarting SP management services; however, it is important you obtain the exact steps from support).  Assuming it is confirmed as a false positive, it is then for you to decide if it is worth the slight downtime.

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    please check your naviagetnt services on host 

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    I have same issues HAVT on VNX5800 with my ESXi Host (5.5 & 6.0)

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    Have you followed the instructions in the above posts? Are you using FC or iSCSI connections? With iSCSI, the host reports only a single IQN name to the array and the array sees the same IQN name for each connection and assumes there is only only physical interface and marks the host as not following HAVT rules for multiple controllers on the host.


    Are you using the latest version of Host Agent? What kind of host are you seeing the issue with - i.e. AIX, ESX, Windows, etc? Providing more information about what your specific issue is helps narrow the range of answers.



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    Yes i’ve Agents host install and the service is running on both ESXi and Windows Server.

    I’m using FC for all hosts

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    Here's some KB's that might help:


    https://support.emc.com/kb/469477 CLARiiON and VNX: Where can I find information about High Availability Verification Test (HAVT)?


    https://support.emc.com/kb/468319  CLARiiON and VNX: Where do I find information about the Navisphere or Unisphere Host Agent? (Customer correctable)