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Smarts NPM-OSPF generating False Alerts


We are facing an issue that Smarts NPM-OSPF server is not populating the IsPassive information correctly on its topology and OSPF-Nbr Down alerts are getting generated from passive interfaces at wierd times. These alerts are generated with no reason and couldnt find any issues in the device log files as well.

This is happening for BROADCAST type interfaces and not for NBMA.


Are there any known issue as such? Anybody facing similar issues? Any fix for this issue?


When contacted EMC engineering, they advised to upgrade to latest patch NPM version 3.1 and the issue still persists.

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    The main issue here is Smarts NPM doesnt have a way to determine whether an OSPF interface is passive or non-passive?

    Any work around here?

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    Gday Arun,


    The simplest way I found to work around this issue was by getting a list of all the OSPF passive interfaces from our Comms team and stored them in a text file on the Smarts NPM server.


    We created a .import file that instantiated a GA_Driver that would read that text file into a GA_StringDictionary.


    Finally, we modified the ic-ospf-interfaces.asl and ic-ospf-post.asl so that on discovery, any OSPFInterface objects were compared against the entries in that GA_StringDictionary and, if found, the interface object has IsPassive set to true.


    I've always had the intention of making it so we got the list of passive interfaces at discovery time using a Perl script and the Cisco CLI but time hasn't permitted much time on that front.


    Hope the info helps.