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ESXi and LUNs


Hi all,


i've got a discussion with a colllegue of mine regarding LUN owned from different ESXi servers.


Do you think is a good idea to share all lun on all ESXi server (so i'll have a big SAN zoning) even if ESXi server are not 'clustered'?


How the lock on VMFS works?


I do prefer (but i may be wrong) to use shared LUN only in a Cluster ESXì environment......


what do you think guys?






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    Hi Dan,


    You're both right .


    VMFS locks works entirely within the SCSI protocol and via the disks themselves.  As a result, theres no need for 2 hosts to know anything about each other and be able to safely access the same VMFS volumes - the locking / updates are handled at the VMFS level and do not require any further clustering or network activity.


    That being said, it *is* a best practice to expose VMFS volumes only to hosts that will actually use/need them to avoid exceeding VMware's limits on the number of hosts accessing a given volume (generally 32, but usually better to keep that lower).