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Extracting pieces of objects using C wrappers

Scot Junkin

This is a simple program which shows how to use the c wrappers to extract a chunk/byte range of an object within the namespace on an Atmos system.

{sample execution}

./a.out object_name starting_byte total_bytes


Here is a sample run pulling 32 bytes from offset 31 of the object atmos.js living within my namespace at /atmos.js:


sjunkin@dev-ubuntu$ ./atmostest atmos.js 31 32
urn new Date().toGMTString();


Below is the code in C I used - it needs to be linked against the c wrappers.  The important codebits here are the rd.offset and rd.body_size which dictate where and how much of the object to bring back.


This code gets translated by the wrapper code into the HTTP header

range: Bytes=(offset)-(offset+total_bytes-1)

which is passed with the GET request in the wrappers to the Atmos system.







int main(int argc, char **argv) {
    credentials *c = init_ws(user_id, key, endpoint);
    ws_result result, result2;

    char *testfile=argv[1];
    system_meta sm;
    user_meta *um = NULL;
    postdata rd;

    memset(&rd, 0, sizeof(rd));
    list_ns(c, testfile,&rd, 0, &result);
    memset(&sm, 0, sizeof(sm));
    parse_headers(&result, &sm, &um);
    while(um != NULL) {
        user_meta *t = um->next;

    char *output ;

    output = (char*)malloc(result.body_size+1);


    output[result.body_size] = '\0';

    printf("%s\n", output);