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Not able to Uninstall Control Center 6.1


From the Planning and Installation Guide, it indicates to use add/remove programs and remove the open integration packages. I don't find this in the program listing.  I need to repurpose the server and would prefer not to reimage it.



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    Hi Robert,


    The requested procedure is listed under “Uninstall ControlCenter” document name : EMC Ionix ControlCenter 6.1 PLANNING AND INSTALLATION GUIDE  .


    Gd luck

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    I have reviewed that documentation. My problem is that control center is

    not a listed program under add/remove programs


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    Then you need to follow emc192941,emc195706.

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    Some of the older versions do not put entry under Add\Remover programs.    Also they manual way that EMC says to do it by deleteing the registry keys and such  is very time consuming and can vary depending on if you are usinga 32bit or 64bit system.directory


    There is a MSI  that is install during the agent installation.  The directory varies depending on the agent version.

    The MSI is under  C:\Windows\Downloaded Installation.    You have to start it from the command line with MsiExec.exe



    cd c:\windows\Downloaded Installations\{A88EAE5A-8321-41B0-B064-857CB2A12CEC}

    MsiExec.exe /uninstall Master_Host_Native_Install.msi


    This process does a full cleanup with requiring a reboot.  Work very well

    However from an automation standpoint this might work well as the MSI file is 45 megs in size


    There is also a file called uninstall_master.bat  which I am still working with EMC support to get to work correctly as it is

    not removing all the registry settings and also throws an error delete the serivice


    But do give MSI a try.  I think you will find it works well

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    Hello Robert,

    If the install files have been corrupted and you are unable to run the add/remove scripts I would pull down Primus emc192941 which will describe how to manually uninstall ControlCenter 6.1 from the host.   This will permanently remove ECC from the host including all if its stored data. 


    Locate the article on Support.emc.com and search for "ControlCenter 6.1: How do I perform a manual cleanup an uninstall of ControlCenter?"  or the emc192941.


    If you have any issues during the removal of the application I would recommend opening a support chat case.


    Thank you,