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Is there a way to set a default User Name in the Avamar GUI?


I would like to set a default User Name in the Avamar GUI so that I don't have to type in the userid and Active Directory domain each time I log in.  (Just lazy, I guess).  I was already able to set the Administrator Server default for various Avamar grids but customizing the location of the Administrator GUI, and creating a custom mcclient.xml for each one, that has a entry such as:


<entry key="service_host" value="sun0005avutl01p" />


to allow me to create a default for the Avamar Grid I want to log in to.  Is there a key for the User Name?  I tried guessing key="user_name" or key="user_name_default" but those don't work.   Can anybod tell me if there is a comprehensive list of mcclient.xml keys?




John D. Schneider

Sisters of Mercy Health System