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How do I add device to existing srdf/a protection on DMX-3


I already have srdf/a protection and device group in operation.

I want to add one single meta to this protection.

Here is what I propose to do.

add the single source device to the existing rdf group.

1.    symld -sid 999 -g devgrpname add dev xxx

2.    Then create a file with source production dev and rdf device called  rdf.cmd

3.     then run this command to create pair relationship.


symrdf createpair -g  devgrpname -f rdf.cmd -sid 999 -rdfg 5 -type rdf1 -invalidate R2


4    then I wish  to establish using

      symrdf -file rdf.cmd -sid 999 -rdfg 5 establish.



I wish to set the establish to adaptive copy disk mode for this new device pair as I dont want to affect the production device performance while synching.

Can I do this for just the pair of devices ?. Also the first step returns an error saying


Cannot add a non R1 device to a device group of RDF R1 devices..

..the devs are

Dynamic RDF Capability   : RDF1_OR_RDF2_Capable

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