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Scheduled savegrp will not auto restart after killing process id from command line




we are running Networker 7.6 on a Solaris 10 server. I had to start a savegrp from the command but the savegrp ran for 2 days and was sitting idle on 1 client and was never going to complete so I had do a ps -ef | grep savegrp | grep <group name>, and then kill -9 the process id.

That worked fine but the problem is that in the Networker console the application still thinks that the group backup is running. The problem is that the daily schedule will no longer auto-start and reports the following message in the daemon.log. "42506 10/14/10  3:00:01 AM  nsrd savegroup warning: Group GWP_PRD_FS_Daily aborted, savegroup is already running". I know that restarting NW will clear this issue but that's not the solution I'm looking for. We have several other groups running and would really like to resolve this without any disruptions to the application. Does anybody know a way around this?