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Alarm filtering expression not working for all alarms.


I want to filter out the Interface Down alarms that are coming in from the async ports on our 3662 and 2610 routers. I wrote a filter but its only filtering out part of the alarms (45%) . This is my first post so if I should be somewhere else please let me know.


Sample alarms:


IF-SLLKWAXA-3662M01/12 [As197] [Console Port access to SLLKWAXA06W-2950U02]

IF-SMTRSCXA-3662M01/20 [As197]

IF-SMRWORXA-3662M01/33 [As202] [Console Port access for Firewall #2]

IF-RCMDINXB-3662M01/19 [As200]

IF-TGRDORXC-3662M01/32 [As201] [Console Port access for Firewall #2]

IF-RGCYMIXG-3662M01/8 [As193] [Learn port ]

IF-SMRWORXA-2610M01/13 [As43] [console access for Juniper E320]

IF-SLLKWAXA-3662M01/22 [As207] [SLLKWAXA-2924M03 Console Port]

IF-RDMDWAXA-3662M01/23 [As208] [RDMDWAXA-2924M02 Console Port]

IF-THRRMIXT-3662M01/36 [As205]


My filter:

~IF-[A-Z]*-3662M01\/[0-9]*\ \[As[0-9][0-9][0-9]\]


Alarms not being filtered out:


IF-SMRWORXA-3662M01/31 [As200] [Console Port access for Cisco 2610 TS]

IF-SNPRWIXA-3662M01/35 [As208] [Console Port Access To AIVORTEX-140TD]

IF-WAUSWIXA-3662M01/23 [As196] [Console access for E911 CISC 2811 #2 S6/3]

IF-RNTLILXC-3662M01/8 [As193] [Console Access to S6/0 DN7100 ATM SWITCH]

IF-TGRDORXA-3662M01/14 [As195] [Console Port access to TGRDORXA-2950U01]



I cant seem to find the difference between the entries.