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The last few months have been quite the ride.  Preparing for and executing the largest merger in tech history; then supercharging the momentum with the announcement of product integrations less than two months later.  I have to say one thing that really excites me is the complete focus we can turn to our customers as a private company.  We have always been dedicated to the customer in everything we do but this takes it to the next level.


For example, we are committed to providing the best value, not just during the sale and implementation but ongoing communication of improvements and best practices.  Here are just a few examples:


  • 10 Tips & Tricks to Maximize the Value from Your Blocks and Racks (Part 1 & Part 2):  I wrote these 2 blog back in July. I am constantly talking with customers and I found that there were some little things that held certain organizations back from getting the most out of their investment in converged. Read these to help maximize your return.


  • Converged Teams Ask the Expert: One of those tips was organize your teams around CI instead of compute, networking, and storage silos.  But we know that is not an easy task so we asked a customer who achieved that transformation to share her secrets to success and even to take questions on how it was done. Shelia Hartness from Wake Forest Baptist Health shared her interview with Wikibon and was available for two weeks to take questions on the Dell EMC Community Network.  A huge thank you to Shelia and her team for their time.


  • ProMedica & Energy Future Holdings share their stories: These Dell EMC converged customers have been happy to share their stories around the cultural and organizational changes they have made to optimize the value and experience they get from converged platforms.  Read these blogs and I’m sure you’ll hear experiences that you can relate to.  Also, Anshul Pande’s short video explains how forming a converged infrastructure team delivered immediate benefits to ProMedica’s entire health system. Now team members have the knowledge and ability to go deep into the technology which translates into improved patient care.


The list certainly does not stop there and it is going to continue to grow.  But now we need your help.  Of course we think these are great resources (just ask us!) but we want to know what you think.  Let us know in poll below how useful these are to you and your organization.  Also if you have a moment to leave a comment we would love to know what you did or didn’t like or what topics you would like us to tackle next.

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