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How will Hybrid Cloud impact the IT Industry?

In the 2013-14 Managing Information Infrastructure study, respondents shared whether their data was stored in the following ways: Traditional/Classic, Virtualized Server, Internal Private Cloud, and External Cloud.


Now organizations have another option to choose from: Hybrid Cloud. EMC has just launched its new Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solution, which merges the benefits of private and public (or external) cloud. Considering the trend seen in the Managing Information Infrastructure Survey that shows a dramatic increase in Internal Private Cloud and External Cloud, how do you think Hybrid Cloud is set to alter the IT industry?

Poll Results
  • Hybrid Cloud will be a small part of the data storage industry (0%)
  • Hybrid Cloud will start small and grow quickly (75%)
  • Hybrid Cloud will displace Internal Private Cloud (25%)
  • Hybrid Cloud will displace External Cloud (0%)
  • Other—share your thoughts in the comments (0%)


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