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Best Practices: Preparing for Certification Exams

Possibly the most-asked question in this forum is "How should I study for the exam?" The EMC Proven Professional program recommends taking the appropriate training (found in the exam description) and gauging your ability with one of our Practice Tests.


But of course, there's more to studying than that. Some people work in study groups, some work from the slides on a VILT, some people watch videos, and some people use flash cards. There are many ways to study.


What study method has worked best for you? Did you use different methods depending on the exam? Did it matter if you worked alone or with others? Please share your best practices for preparing for a certification exam.


How do you study for an exam?

Poll Results
  • Watching a VILT (24%)
  • Working with the Student Guide (34%)
  • Study group (6%)
  • Flash Cards (0%)
  • Practice Test (31%)
  • Other - leave your answer in the comments (4%)


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