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What VMware Certifications Do You Have?

VMware offers lots of training and certifications at multiple levels across their entire product suite. Let's get a sense for the level of certification in our community.  What, if any, VMware certifications do you have?

Poll Results
  • I have no VMware certifications and have no plans to get any. (21%)
  • I currently have no VMware certifications, but am getting started on them. (21%)
  • I'm sales-y; I have my VSP. (0%)
  • I'm part sales, part technical; I have my VTSP. (0%)
  • I'm technical; I have my VCP. (21%)
  • I'm a hybrid; I have VSP, VTSP, and VCP. (14%)
  • All that's old news. I either have, or am working on, my VCAP and/or VCDX. (21%)


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