Make ESXi5 Bootable USB Drive


  1. Get a 1GB or 2GB USB Flash drive.
  2. Format it using Windows format utility. The file system must be FAT32.


3. Download Netbootin utility from

     This is an executable file and doesn’t need to be installed on your PC.

4. Download VMware ESXi5 hypervisor iso files from VMware.

5. Run UNetbootin utility from your PC.

     Select ESXi5 installation iso file VMware-VMvisor-Installer-5.0.0-469512.x86_64.iso.

     Make sure Diskimage button is checked.

     Type: USB Drive, Drive is the drive letter of USB drive on your PC

     Click OK to create the drive.





6. When finished, click Exit to quit Unetbootin utility.

7. Plug in the ESXi5 Boot Drive on the server.

     Make sure the server boots from USB drive by changing BIOS settings if needed.

8. Follow ESXi5 installation procedure to complete installation


     Note. This was posted on EMC|ONE originally. Chad sugguested post it here for more openly sharing.