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Avamar 7.1 is Ready

Posted by mikuszed Sep 23, 2014

Please note these are high level bullet points and a general road map as to the features and enhancements in this version. Please contact EMC directly or for additional detail.


The Avamar 7.1 release adds the following new enhancements to the Avamar line:

  • Avamar and Data Domain Integration
    • DDBoost WAN Support – the ability to backup remote offices and desktop/laptop clients over WAN to Data Domain storage.
    • Encryption in flight – FIPS140-2 validated encryption for backups to Data Domain and restores to clients.
    • Higher Connection Limits – increased maximum backup/restore jobs to better fit the stream maximums of the DD990.
    • VLAN, NAT support
    • Dual Stack IPv4/IPv6 support
    • Pure IPv6 Support for external backup clients
  • Virtualization
    • Automated restore rehearsal – verify the validity of VM image backups to a test location for boot, OS startup, and application startup sequences.
    • Intelligent proxy selection – prioritize the proxy selection for hot-add based backups over network based backups.
    • Interface additions to the native vSphere UI
      • VM Instant Access – instantly access a VM mounted directly on a Data Domain
      • Individual Drive Restore – manage and recover individual VMDKs.
    • Pre and post script support – execute scripts before and after a VM image backup.
    • Enterprise grade data protection technology in the cloud
      • Federate multiple Avamar & Data Domain back ends for cloud scale
      • Backup REST APIs extend the vCloud APIs for extensibility and automation
    • Goes beyond basic VM level protection
      • Apply and manage policies at the application & organization levels
      • Easy policy management with templates
    • Critical enabler for adopting hybrid cloud models
      • Provides protection for Enterprise applications wherever they run
    • Ease of administration a full-featured administrator UI
      • Infrastructure provisioning, policy definition & management
      • Backup, restore and replication operations
      • Monitoring job completion & status
    • NAS & NDMP
      • Isilon fast incrementals – support for Isilon’s fast incremental data stream in OneFS 7.1.1 eliminating the NAS tree walk.
      • Support for file/directory excludes for NetApp – exclude specific files and directories for volume backups.
      • Cross-platform restore for NetApp - ability to restore NetApp files (backed up via NDMP) to a native Windows/Linux host.
      • NetApp C-Mode Support
    • Security
      • External key management – integration of RSA Data Protection Manager for encrypt-at-rest key generation.
    • Supportability/TCE
      • Automatically report FRU/CRU/PN failures
    • Microsoft Client Support
      • Exchange, SharePoint, and Hyper-V multi-stream restore from Data Domain
      • Exchange 2013 SP1 and SharePoint 2013 SP1 support on Windows Server 2012 R2
      • Support for SharePoint Farms with 3rd party RBS Providers – comprehensive data protection support for SharePoint RBS Tiered Storage deployments with MetaLogix StoragePoint.
      • Support for SharePoint deployments on SQL Server 2014
      • Support for SQL Server 2014 with Hybrid Cloud – support for Azure with AlwaysOn Availability Groups.
      • Exchange GLR Search – allows search for Exchange users, folders, and messages using multiple search criteria.
      • Windows Desktop/Laptop Support for Data Domain – support for Windows Vista, 7, 8 to Data Domain.

  Cross-platform Client Support 

  • Support for IBM Notes and Domino v9 on x64 Linux – complete coverage for all OS types.
  • IBM Notes and Domino v9 multi-stream from Data Domain
  • Mac OS X Desktop/Laptop Support for Data Domain – support for Mac OS X 10.7, 10.8, 10.9 to Data Domain.
  • Oracle Multi-Section Backups – multi-section backup support for Oracle 11g and 12c.
  • Long Term Retention
    • Backward compatibility for tapes/VTL created in older releases.
  • Multi-System Management – define capacity management policies that can balance capacity across Avamar Servers.
  • For more information reference the following link:

VDPA 5.8 Overview

Posted by mikuszed Sep 23, 2014

Check out the attached presentation regarding the new versions of vSphere Data Protection Advanced (VDPA) 5.8. VDPA 5.8 builds upon the proven technology and feature set of VDPA 5.5. This presentation is focused on VDPA 5.8, I'll be updating it with information regarding VDP 5.8 in the future.